TSU Protection Services – 20 years of safety management

Executive Insight Magazine have been speaking to TSU Protections Services’ Chairman and Founder on what it takes to build one of Africa’s leading private security firms and how they’re proudly celebrating their 20th anniversary this year having established in 1999.

Mr. Chris Beukes has had an exceptional career within the SA Police Force and their elite special task force division. Upon leaving the SA Police Force in ‘99’ he set up TSU Protection Services having seen a great opportunity to advise leading businesses and their top-level executives on how to remain safe on a day to day basis and travelling further afield across the continent. Not only is their consultancy on remaining safe paramount to the customer entrusting them to provide safety but providing their multi skilled staff to maintain the plan is kept to.

There is no denying the growth of Africa has been exceptional over the past two decades and with most countries across Africa experience Economic growth, with this has come the increase in major crime where extortion and possibly worst is experienced daily. With the expansive team operating across the most part of Africa, if you want to remain safe then look at TSU’s record and how they strive to ensure customer safety.

TSU have a very strict background of making sure their security personal are trained to deal with any circumstances and that of a very high standard. With several of their clients being leading organisations within Africa, if there are any issues then it could cause a decline in trust and most importantly, customers and TSU’s reputation. Having said this, TSU certainly don’t need to worry about any of above as their history will speak volumes, to make 20 years in a highly competitive industry as security clearly is, they’re certainly doing things right.

What next for the African Security sector? With what seems to be more reform happening in some of the most supressed countries across Africa, which under the right guidance has endless commercial opportunities. Having said this, it will most certainly open the doors for international business investment and the possibility to create skilled individuals and a supply chain over time. Within the Supply Chain will be the paramount expert protection service for international executives travelling to and from the visited country.

To put it respectively, it’s not just the African continent where this industry thrives, there are requirements for this level of protection in every country all over the world, however there is understandably a great opportunity for TSU to reach the next milestone of 25 years with more customers and additional countries reached. With the communication sector in Southern Africa of a very high standard, TSU operations can liaise with HQ and one another through an integrated system. This also helps the task at hand as any compromises could happen and if these are caught earlier enough it allows the protection staff to be on the front foot.

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